Brains & Brawn Challenge – Rules and Regulations


• The organizers reserve the right to amend the rules and regulations without prior notification.
• The organizers reserve the right to amend the racecourse for safety or operational reasons. Team will be notified of such changes in advance.
• Completion of the race entry form is evidence of the participants’ agreement to abide by the relevant rules and regulations.
• Whilst every reasonable precaution will be taken by the organizers to ensure the participants’ safety, participants partake in this event voluntarily at their own risk and the organizers shall not be liable for any bodily injuries, loss and/or damage to property, whether personal or otherwise, and howsoever arising.
• Any disputes arising from the participation in the races shall be referred to arbitration and to be conducted in Colombo under the law of Sri Lanka.
• At any point of time, for reason whatsoever beyond the control of the Organizers, the Organizers reserve the right to change the race venue, reschedule or cancel the event/s.
• The organizers may publish any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this race and its participants on their social media platforms or promotion of events. Team members give the organizers explicit approval to use such material unless athlete requests otherwise.
• For safety or any other reasons, the organizers may place caps on race entries.
• Once the registration form has been duly processed, there will be no fee refund for those who fail to turn up for the race.
• Race entries are non-transferable.
• The organizers will not be responsible for any disputes arising from incomplete or wrong entry details given by the participants.
• On-the-spot entries will not be entertained.
• The race registration will only be confirmed when full payment of the race registration fee has been made.
• The Waiver included in the Registration must be dated and signed by all participants.
• All participants should pick up their Race Kits, that may include a race bib, at the place and on the date and time defined by the organiser. Participants must show to organizers an NIC or all official documents showing Names and date of Birth.
• All participants must attend the race briefing on the scheduled day.

Race schedule

• For each race, the organizer will provide a race schedule that will indicate timing for:
o Team Briefing
o Warmup
o Starting Waves
o Last Team crossing the finish line (cut-off time)
o After Race and Award Ceremony


• Open unless specified otherwise.


• Must come in comfortable attire. Wear the race numbers at the front of the adorned apparel at all times during the race.
• Participants must conform to any health & safety regulations in force at the time.
• Your safety and the safety of the public is our utmost concern. Please be considerate and be respectful of other participants and the public at all times.
• Littering on the course & unacceptable behaviour will result in disqualification.
• Please note that organizers are not responsible for any case of theft or losses of individual belongings of the participants.

Medical Advisory

• These races are physically demanding. You must be physically fit to participate and it shall be the responsibility of the athlete to ensure that they are in good health and have sought medical advice of a medical professional before registering for the race.
• Participants are advised against the consumption of alcohol or stimulants or any kind of drugs prior to taking part in the race. Any violations will result in disqualification.
• Participants are to ensure that they are well-rested and well-hydrated on day of race.
• Participants are advised to dress lightly.
• Should any participant feel unwell in the course of race, he or she should stop and inform a volunteer who will ensure medical attention of appropriately qualified medical professional.
• Participants shall provide the name and contact number of a person in case of an emergency. This must be someone who is not a participant in the event, who can be contacted in an emergency and available during and after event. The emergency contact should be someone who can make decision on behalf of the athlete in case the athlete is incapacitated.